Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pushing Polys.

My first mission was to dust off what can loosely be described as a base mesh.

After looking at what I had and the concept again… I decided to push the proportions of the model some more. My original take didn’t carry over a lot of the style that was portrayed in the concept that I liked so much.

So much of the personality and attitude of the character was coming through its proportions. I took out some of the details in things like the collar bone region, reshaped the chest and hip area, and I adjusted the arms and legs quite a bit, and really like how they are all looking now. Although I added a bit more ‘flair’ to the hands, I’m not sure if I really like them just yet. I also focused a lot on getting the structure in for the face and hair. Now that I am happier with the base body, I will be starting on blocking out her spy outfit next. Special Agent Greta coming up next week!

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