Saturday, October 24, 2009

Anastasia DeCobray

Finished up the Baroness picture for the Art Bot Central post.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out after just spending a couple hours here and there over the course of 2 weeks. After the other guys started posting their stuff on the blog, I knew I had to do something new and step up to the plate. Check out their submissions here:

The artists kicked ass on this one and we had half of the entire art team participate in this after hours project. Very cool!
Next up is Saturday Morning Cartoons for December. I'm currently thinking of TMNT (Which wasn't a Saturday morning cartoon, but it's close enough :) I'll try and post progress pics as I go and get back to my bi-weekly updating. Until next time, take care.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Destro… see me after class!

After my last Baroness post, Cots had a better idea for a title… I had to use it.

We had a G.I. Joe theme for the latest post for our blog at Robot Entertainment, Art Bot Central (ABC). I had every intention to take the easy way out, and just post my earlier rendition of the Baroness, because I was a bit burned out by all the work it took to get Greta done. After I started to see all the participation and the sacrifices the other Robot artists were making to get stuff up on the site, I knew I had to stop being lazy, and get to work.

It’s also been too long since I’ve posted. Here is the sketch I blocked out to create the painting.

Hope you guys like it. I’ll have the painting up here on Monday. I may want to spend a couple more hours over the weekend tuning it a bit from it's current state. Unitl then...