Saturday, May 23, 2009

Feeling a bit Nostalgic

I saw Star Trek recently, and like a lot of other people, I was blown away! I really liked it a lot, and I started to have these feelings of a bit of nostalgia come over me.

It may have been the buzz generated from Star Trek and all of its awesomeness, and maybe a bit of seeing that another Transformers trailer, which will probably end up being entertaining. But it could have had to do with that G.I. Joe trailer that will most definitely be horrible (the animations looked so bad, and there is a Wayne's brother in it, WTF?), but I grew up on G.I. Joe's. And the Baroness at least looked good! Sienna Miller is fitting into the character very nicely :). Personally, I think they went a bit too real world with the design, and I wish they would have taken some more inspiration from the comic. I followed a bit of inspiration, and did a drawing of what I thought would look good.


Cots said...

Destro, see me after class.

-kube- said...

Look who it is... I thought you were gone forever. at least we had Vegas! BTW That's a much better title. I wish I had your wit.

cMoF said...

Awesome Baroness, Kube. The Hollywood version seemed to ignore some of the coolest elements that made her design so badass. But if Sienna Miller's wearing it, it's all good. :)